Daily Questions Day 12: Broken Hope-Objects Playlist

Incubation: Hope

1 Minute Read + Playlist

On Day 12, I asked everyone…

And I have gathered all of the responses together onto this playlist for you to listen to. They are beautiful, thought-provoking, sad, eclectic, and, in some cases, violent. They are all very welcome here, and I am sincerely grateful for everyone’s contributions.

I will continue to add songs to the playlist, and perhaps if you think of some songs too you might add them to the playlist?

When hopes are low, there can be a tendency to resist sitting in the depths of our feelings. It feels very British to put on a stiff upper lip and don’t let them get you down. As I think is becoming clearer as we head into the 2020s, our need to experience these moments are important and justified. As we journey through these moments of low hope, it is a place for us to regather ourselves, to take stock at what we have and how we can use it to go forwards towards achieving our hopes.

In my bumpy ride with hope, I have come to value the importance of music to accompany me in the depths. It makes me feel less alone. Perhaps it will make you feel the same?

Together, let’s make a playlist of broken hope-objects.

Incubation: Hope
Created by Nicholas Barton-Wines
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