Incubation: Up to Step One

Incubation: Hope

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As I approach the first moment where the work meets the world in some form, I took stock today, Friday 30th October, to consolidate my thoughts so far in the project. It has seen me shift from two to one day a week, meet challenges of working as a collaborative theatre maker now working alone, self-isolation, and, of course, no access to theatre spaces in this project. Hope is a very present part of all our lives now, whether we are aware of not, and when working with it it’s hard to know quite how the real world will affect it.

On Sunday 1st November, the first Daily Question will be shared, and new questions will be added each day until the end of November.

Incubation: Hope
Created by Nicholas Barton-Wines
This project is part of Incubation, in association with Nicholas Barton-Wines, Amy
and Harry Josephine Giles
Produced by Stephanie Katie Hunter
Supported by Creative Scotland
In development